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Car Accident Injury Attorneys

 Of all personal injury claims, auto accidents are the most prevalent. Thousands of car accidents occur every day across the US from any number of causes. Although most accidents are minor and do not result in injuries, a substantial number do injure, maim and kill thousands of motorists, passengers and pedestrians every year.

What Are the Causes of a Car Accident?

Car accidents occur from any number of factors. Some of the more common factors are listed below:

 •   Speeding

•   Intoxication

•   Distracted driving (cell phone use, eating and talking)

•   Running a red light or stop sign

•   Motor vehicle defects such as faulty brakes

•   Defective highway design

•   Failure to warn motorists of hazards

Highway patrol and law enforcement agencies investigate car accident injuries and fatalities, but often the cause is disputed or is unclear. An experienced car accident lawyer at Ready Kiernan & McNally LLP can retain accident reconstruction experts and investigators to delve more deeply to determine which party or parties should be held responsible for causing your accident.

Types of Injuries in Car Accidents

While most car accident injuries involve minor bruises or a neck strain, many prove to be catastrophic if not fatal. Typical car accident injuries include:

•   Neck and back strains

•   Broken bones

•   Spinal injuries

•   Knee injuries

•   Internal organ damage

•   Head trauma including brain damage

•   Burns

•   Scarring

•   Paralysis

•   Emotional trauma

•   Death

Many of these injuries can cause extreme financial hardship as well as drastically alter an injured victim's lifestyle, sometimes permanently.

How Can a Car Accident Lawyer Help?

By promptly retaining an attorney from Ready Kiernan & McNally LLP, your attorney can immediately work to investigate the circumstances of your accident and identify the responsible parties, who may not be immediately apparent.

Many traffic accident reports are incomplete or biased. Your attorney can determine if expert investigators need to be hired to uncover all the factors that led to the accident. Your attorney will gather information and documents supporting your injury claim and damages, including medical records, property damage estimates, employment information, insurance details and coverage and ensure that you are receiving the proper medical attention. Once your treatment has stabilized or ended and all records have been obtained, your lawyer can present your claim in a professional and logical manner to the responsible parties for the best possible settlement opportunities.

Contact Ready Kiernan & McNally LLP today for a free consultation and claim analysis. With Massachusetts offices in Wareham, Quincy and New Bedford we are here to serve you went you need us. We take all car injury claims on a contingency basis so that we do not get paid from your accident injury until you are compensated.