Construction Site Accidents

Experienced Construction Site Accident Attorneys

No industry in America has workers who suffer more injuries and fatalities than construction workers. Construction workers are constantly exposed to potential catastrophic injuries from toxic chemicals, exposed electrical lines, falling objects, defective machinery and inadequate safety measures.

Construction Site Injuries

Construction workers are required to wear protective clothing and helmets while on site and to attend safety meetings. Regardless of these measures, accidents occur from lack of supervision and oversight, defective tools and machinery, poor training and inattentiveness. The injuries that workers commonly sustain are numerous:

  • Lung damage from toxic chemical exposure
  • Traumatic brain injuries from falls
  • Electrical burns
  • Disfigurement
  • Broken limbs
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Death

Any of these injuries can be life-altering events. If you have been injured in a construction site injury, consult with an experienced accident attorney from Ready Kiernan & McNally LLP.

Causes of Injuries

Any number of factors can lead to construction site accidents. Some of the accident claims that arise are caused by these common occurrences:

  • Failure to warn of hazards
  • Defective tools and equipment
  • Inadequate or lack of guard rails and rail protection
  • Improperly constructed scaffolding
  • Contact with open power lines
  • Inadequate protective clothing or harnesses
  • Fatigue, distractions and inattentiveness

Because such serious injuries come from a variety of different causes, you need an experienced attorney from Ready Kiernan & McNally LLP who has successfully handled the complex issues involved in many construction site accidents.

Compensation For Your Injuries

Most injured construction workers have claims pursuant to the workers’ compensation insurance provided by their employers for medical expenses, lost wages, rehabilitation costs and for any permanent injuries. Frequently contractors are negligent and cause the injury to occur. General contractors are responsible for overall safety on the job site. Third Party Claims against contractors and subcontractors can allow you to collect compensation for pain and suffering, lost income and medical expenses. Workers who sustained injuries from a defective product or by a motor vehicle driven by a worker from another trade or unassociated driver may have a third party claim against the responsible manufacturer, designer, wholesaler or motorist under the law of product liability or car accident negligence. In these cases, you can collect compensation for pain and suffering and damages that are not available under workers’ compensation laws.

Product Liability

Product liability claims include the principles of negligence, breach of warranty and strict liability. Your attorney must show either that the product was defectively designed or that a defect in its assembly or in the construction process rendered it unreasonably dangerous for its intended use. Also, a failure to warn the user of known risks in using the product or in providing inadequate instructions is also actionable.

Consult with Ready Kiernan & McNally LLP

Construction site accidents can be difficult claims with multiple parties’ involved and complex issues of insurance coverage, medical treatment and proof. The construction site accident lawyers at Ready Kiernan & McNally LLP have the tools and resources to handle such claims as well as being sensitive to the concerns of their clients. Call Ready Kiernan & McNally LLP today for a free consultation and analysis of your injury claim.

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